Energy Saving Trust - EST Training

Due to Ian and Carmen being Fleet Registered and trained to deliver Energy Saving Trust products, ADSOM is now able to deliver their subsidised training to newly qualified drivers PLUS A PARENT / OTHER QUALIFIED DRIVER. EST Eco-driver training has been shown in extensive trials to improve fuel economy across the country by over 14% with 1 hour training per driver.

Therefore we will be able to offer a new driver the extra benefits of an extra two hours more independent based training with a parent so both can benefit from the training and continue to save money, for the equivalent of a takeaway. If only 10% is saved, this could easily be £500-£1000 pounds per year saved by the two drivers.

Please contact us for details as soon as possible so we can secure the subsidised funding asap - EST needs a guide of forthcoming numbers to speak to Government departments regarding ongoing funding. Click here for more information and to get in touch