Our Affiliates

We work closely with other partner companies with the aim of offering a wider service to our clients and so promote safer driving.

"Crash for cash" is a growing problem, and i have been sent by insurers where these types of incident have resulted in increases in insurance premiums of tens of thousands of pounds. In my opinion, the installation of these cameras in the fleet would have saved many times the costs, and left the company involved in a far better position as this money could have been re-invested in the business. Crashcatcher is a company set up to help combat this phenomenon, and they have a wealth of experience and will help you find the right product for you. Click the link to take you to the Crashcatcher website.

Lionheart Insurance Services Ltd are a professional, family run business who believe in putting the customer centric to all aspects of their impressive service. From their offices in Birmingham they have access to businesses nationwide, believing that face to face business is good for all concerned. For clients who want the convenience of accessing them,

They don't have a massive call centre, but they do have a well trained, professional team who work tirelessly on finding the right deal for you, be there on the end of the phone to provide support when you need it and will keep an eye on how your policy is looking. Lionheart Insurance can provide all types of personal lines to cover your car, home, motorbike, travel as well as commercial lines.

This means if you have a single person enterprise or a multi-national Lionheart can provide a policy which is fit for your needs. They don't have a one size fits all, instead, review your circumstances and use the large panel of insurers to ensure you have the right insurance for your needs. They wont sell you something you don't need and will point out if you run the risk of being under insured. Lionheart do specialise in the Motor Trade, providing policies from Road Risk Only for those of you who trade from home, to a full Combined Risk Policy, covering all drivers needs, the stock, tools, buildings and your commercial operation. Furthermore, Lionheart specialise in Convicted Drivers and those who drive modified cars. Why not contact them today and see how they can help you out of the insurance maze. Let the Knights of Lionheart provide your insurance, today.