Intensive Courses

In years to time you will have earned more money, been more independent and had more freedom through your driving licence.

It is a life defining moment. You will probably remember your lessons more than many other things in life so it is important you make sure you drive with someone who you get along with, who is calm, has a sense of humour and paces the lessons to suit your learning style and needs.

Then you will look back on your lessons with us as a fantastic investment.
An intensive course is not a block of lessons to be spread across weeks and months - do not confuse them with a block booking discount - these require the instructor to relocate masses of lessons to accommodate the intensive course.

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An intensive course takes away the indecision of when you will be taking a test, how far away from test you are, and how you are going to do things.

It has structure and certainty - but they won’t suit everyone. There is pressure from knowing your test is at a certain point.

40 hour intensive:
40 hours spread over 2 weeks, 4 hours a day over 5 days per week.
Designed for someone with the ability to move and stop the car to get them to test standard.
This is often booked by someone who has already passed a theory test and is able to book their practical test for the end of the course.

20 hour intensive:
20 hours spread over 1 or 2 weeks to suit.
Designed for someone already through their theory test, and able to book their practical test.
This is usually booked by someone who has already taken some lessons and is able to drive with direction and a level of confidence in their own ability, perhaps someone already practising in a family car.

We do not have the capacity at this time to offer intensive courses in automatic cars.

Benefits of intensive courses:

  • Quicker learning
  • Less time getting used to car every lesson
  • Forget less in between lessons
  • Achieve levels of success with less time for negative thoughts
  • Independent quicker
  • Suits lifestyle better
  • More convenient for learner - take time off in one section
  • Waste less personal time
  • More cost effective

We can also source 30 and 40 hour intensive courses in Scotland to suit your needs if this is more convenient for your lifestyle - it can double up as a holiday. A colleague lives near Oban and can source Bed and Breakfast accommodation at convenient rates for learners and they will book a test for the end of the course.

All bookings will require a deposit to confirm the assessment lesson - paid separately - and full prepayment of the course including test fee. The course is non-refundable if cancelled within 2 weeks of the start date, and there are no refunds on unused lessons. The car will not be available for test if the learner is not safe to take the test in the interests of road safety as per our normal Terms and Conditions.

Pricing - email for details

Intensive Course
20 Hours

20 hours spread over 1 or 2 weeks to suit.

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Intensive Course
40 Hours

40 hours spread over 2 weeks, 4 hours a day over 5 days per week.

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