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As a result of the DVSA changes to the ADI Qualifying exams we have looked at the resources available to deliver better ADI training and have completed a course to allow us to dual brand our training with the Tri-coaching partnership. These are the market leaders in delivering ADI training and further coaching qualifications to the industry, and will enable us to link with them going forward to up-skill our instructors within the driving school, so our instructors are the best in the market.

By choosing us to train you to become a qualified driving instructor, you are choosing the option most likely to help you succeed in your aim to earn a good living and become a respected professional, backed up by a team with huge experience, confidence and skill.

We offer a franchised package for trainees - but are happy to provide ongoing support to people wishing to become an independent instructor.

Course Structure

This course is designed so you can fit it in with your other commitments. The training will take place in the car and this could either be on a one to one basis, or, where practicable, on a two to one basis. Learning takes place more effectively in groups and that two of you in the car will have an enriched and improved learning experience, as you will learn from each other. You would also observe other peoples issues and double your learning time for no extra cost. This package is delivered by trainers with a wealth of experience within the industry, dedicated to ensuring you have a great learning experience.

What you get

  • Full access to the Instructor Training Online Support Package, which contains links to webinars that detail what you need to do to prepare for each in-car session. These webinars contain a wealth of information about the 'bigger picture' of being a driving instructor, such as, the Goals for Driver Education, learning theories and models of behavioural change, coaching and client-centred learning techniques and the DVSA National Standards.
  • Course Book - you will track and monitor your progress through the in-car sessions with action plans and marking sheets in the (TCIT) course book, as well as being available for download from the support website. We will advise you and work with you to take the three parts of the qualifying examination but ultimately the timing of when you go for these is down to you and how ready you feel. The course will take around six months to complete if you attend one in-car session every two weeks. 
  • Content - this course has been developed so that you can fully understand what is involved in becoming a good driving instructor. This enables you to complete the three parts to the qualifying process. It focuses on the National Standards and maps the training against the DVSA National Driver and Rider Training Standard, which denotes the competences you will need to demonstrate. This places a far greater emphasis on safe driving for life rather than “getting through a driving test” when teaching your pupils to drive. The focus will be on developing your skills as a driving instructor rather than just teaching you to pass a test. The Part 3 test of instructional ability has been seen as being difficult - but often this is because all the focus of the training has been narrowly targeted at the ADI Part 3 pre-set test combinations. We train you to be comfortable delivering a whole breadth and range of skills and techniques and develop your understanding of when to use and apply them, so that when you go for your ADI part 3 test it is like sitting in an interview and showing off your skills. 
  • Resources - We will supply you with:
    - Driving Test Success - online study resources which help you acquire the knowledge and understanding necessary to become a driving instructor and also help you successfully complete the ADI Part 1 exam.
    - Driving Instructors Handbook
    - Practical Teaching Skills
    - Driving - the Essential Skills
    - The Highway Code
    - Know your Traffic Signs
    TCIT Course Book & TCIT Record of Progress
    These resources will arrive at the start of your course and allow you to start working at your pace towards your goal and your individual timeline.
We want you to complete this programme equipped to become a successful and competent driving instructor. In addition to this all our trainers have attended a Tri-Coaching Partnership accredited course on driving instructor training and will be using the online support package from them as we believe it is the way to help raise standards in the industry.

You can therefore be confident that you are on the best training package possible and that your experience as you go through your ADI training programme will be both enjoyable and rewarding.

All our trainees will be offered a franchise package which includes a discount when they enrol to take the BTEC Level 4 Professional Award in Coaching for Driver Development. This will be offered when they have passed the ADI qualification exams, and is the only qualification of its kind in the world. It focuses specifically on coaching in a safety critical environment. It is accredited by Edexcel / Pearson, who own the title, whilst Tri-Coaching Partnership own the content.

Your pupils will have a better learning experience, and they will accept more responsibility for their own actions on the road. They become more enthusiastic and enjoy lessons more, and by getting them to buy into their driving more they will become far more enlightened and so safer in the long run.

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